Sixteen new Terberg Kinglifters for Verhoek Europe

10/27/2020 9:43:37 AM - Terberg Kinglifter

Verhoek Europe has taken sixteen new Terberg Kinglifters into use. Verhoek Europe uses the multifunctional truck-mounted forklifts for, among other things, loading and unloading construction material, carpet and artificial grass.

Logistics service provider Verhoek Europe is, among other things, specialized in the transport of long goods. “We transport everything that is not easy to transport due to a different size,” says Gijs Verhoek of the fleet management department. “Think of overhead doors for industrial buildings. We have advanced loading and unloading equipment to load and unload goods with different dimensions and vulnerable goods without any problems. ”

4-way steering

The sixteen new Terberg Kinglifters are partly replacement and partly expansion of the fleet. Verhoek: “We opted for the Kinglifter MC with 3-wheel drive, 2500 kg lifting capacity and a lifting height of up to 4.05 meters,” says Gijs Verhoek. “The MC model is compact and yet versatile, suitable for all common tasks. Our Terberg Kinglifters are models with 4-way steering. The front wheels can turn 900 degrees at the touch of a button. As a result, we can not only drive forward and backward with these truck-mounted forklifts, but also sideways in both directions. This ensures optimal maneuverability and maneuverability and makes the truck mounted forklifts versatile. For example, we can transport long products through narrow passageways. We use the Terberg Kinglifters in all kinds of places. From loading and unloading overhead doors to the delivery of synthetic turf on sports fields. In addition, eight truck-mounted forklifts have a quick-change system for a carpet mandrel with which we can easily pick up and unload carpet rolls. ”


Completely self-supporting

Verhoek Europe has already had positive experiences with Terberg Kinglifters. “By choosing Terberg Kinglifters, we are assured of a high-quality product with which we are fully self-supporting on location,” says Verhoek. “Our drivers can load and unload quickly and efficiently at almost any conceivable location. That makes us flexible and is part of the service we want to offer our customers. ”


About Verhoek Europe

Verhoek Europe is a logistics service provider with over 60 years of experience. The family business started with the transport of reeds, rushes and livestock and then specialized in the carpet industry. Verhoek Europe has since developed into a versatile international service provider. Verhoek Europe is active in almost all of Europe. Verhoek's head office is located in Genemuiden (NL). The company serves its clients with a fleet of 425 trucks and 600 trailers.