Empower your operations efficiency with a range of systems and options. KingLifter gives you the freedom to choose, putting you in control of your forklift's performance. Your decisions shape its functionality. Uncertain about which options suit your application? Our dedicated product specialists are happy to help.

Tailor your forklift's performance to different surfaces by opting for either one or three-wheel drive. Our range includes the versatile three-wheel drive four-way model, specifically designed for the transportation of long loads.

Opt for a mast, equipped with scissors and/or reach forks, to redefine how you unload. Additional options include hydraulically adjustable wheel arms and supports.


Choose the configuration that best aligns with your operational needs, ensuring optimal performance and versatility in every scenario.


Our options

  • Scissor Mast

Extend your reach with a lifting capacity of 2,000 or 2,500 kg and a lifting height of 2.2 to 4.05 meters. In addition, the scissor mast makes sure you always have excellent visibility in all directions.


  • Reach Forks

Extendable forks designed to slide effortlessly under loads, with a lifting capacity ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 kg and a lifting height of 2.2 to 4.05 meters.


  • Super-Reach

Optimal for unloading a truck from a single side, this option combines the patented Terberg scissor mast with reach forks.


  • 4-Way Operation

Enhance maneuverability by driving the forklift sideways, simplifying the handling of long loads. The 4-way steering option is always paired with our 3-wheel drive.


  • 3-Wheel Drive

Ideal for navigating rough terrain, especially effective when paired with larger wheels.


  • Short Mast

Tailored for low headroom buildings, ensuring efficient operation in constrained spaces.


  • Special Lighting

Enhance visibility and safety with customized lighting options to suit your unique requirements.

Super-reach in action!

This combines the patented Terberg scissor system with telescopic forks, resulting in an extended reach for loading and unloading.